Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN)

Our network builds the research community around Asian Australian Studies.


Information about AASRN

aasrn-logo_250x250Active since 1999, the Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN) was formally established in 2006.

It is a network for academics, community researchers, and cultural workers who are interested in the area of Asian Australian Studies.

Asian Australian Studies is a growing field that investigates the cultures, politics and histories of those of Asian descent in Australia. Much of its work engages with the fields of diasporic Asian, transnational, and diversity studies.

The activities initiated by this network facilitate extensive intra-national collaboration, and the AASRN presents a peak network for Asian Australian Studies internationally.

A Short History of AASRN

Since 1999, Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN) members have been active scholars in Asian Australian Studies and participants in sociocultural activist politics and forums.

The network was formally founded 2006 as a joint project between The Australian National University and Monash University. Its initial funding was provided by a grant from the Institute for Excellence in Asia-Pacific Studies (ICEAPS).

The AASRN has generated a wide range of activities, including major conferences in 1999, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2017; public lectures, symposiums, and workshops; edited publications; online projects and collaborations; and more.

The network focuses on research and cultural production in three major clusters:

1. Cultural Heritage + Community
The aim of this cluster is to initiate interdisciplinary exchange within and between the fields of research on Asian Australian cultural heritage and community. This broad and interdisciplinary grouping includes those working on aspects of cultural heritage, community identities and politics, and cultural history projects.

2. Film, Literature + Performance
The aim of this cluster is to initiate interdisciplinary exchange within and between the fields of research on Asian Australian literature, film and performance.

3. Visual Arts + New Media
The aim of this cluster is to facilitate individual, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research in Asian Australian visual arts and new media, including cyber cultures and related popular culture studies.

Our aims + objectives

To build research capacity and profile, and sustain momentum, in the field of Asian Australian Studies.


  1. To build capacity for further academic and public events, collaborative projects, and grant applications.
  2. To enhance and formalise critical research resources in this field.
  3. To mentor and professionalise early career researchers (postgraduate and postdoctoral) involved in Asian Australian Studies.


  1. To create a collaborative, engaged network of Asian Australian Studies scholars and cultural practitioners.
  2. To coordinate panels/sessions focused on Asian Australian Studies at a range of peak inter/national conferences.
  3. To generate grant applications as a result of cluster activities.
  4. To convene major Asian Australian Studies conferences.
  5. To improve and update web resources for Asian Australian Studies.

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