Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN)

Our network builds the research community around Asian Australian Studies.


For information about the Asian Australian Identities Conference of 2019 (AAI7), please follow the following link:


  • AAI6 – Embodiments and Inhabitations (Immigration Museum, Melbourne; 25-26 October 2017. Convened by Dr Mridula Chakraborty and Dr Jessica Walton.
  • AAI 5 – Mobilities (Immigration Museum, Melbourne; 26-27 Nov 2015). Convened by Tseen Khoo.
  • AAI 4 – New communities, new racisms (University of Melbourne; 10-11 Nov 2011). Convened by Audrey Yue.
  • AAI 3 – Regionalising Asian Australian Identities (Curtin University; 13-14 Nov 2009). Convened by Olivia Khoo.
  • AAI 2 – The 2nd Asian Australian Identities conference (Rydges, Melbourne; 28-30 June 2007). Convened by Tseen Khoo and Jacqueline Lo.
  • AASRN symposium – Locating Asian Australian Cultures (Monash University – Clayton; 28 June 2005). Convened by Tseen Khoo.
  • Inaugural AAI – Asian Australian Identities (Australian National University; 27-29 Sept 1999). Convened by Jacqueline Lo, Helen Gilbert, and Tseen Khoo.
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