Dear AASRN members,

The Board of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network is interested in putting together a statement about the recent inflation of fees for arts/humanities higher education in the Australian university sector. These hikes speak to much larger issues of the value of the humanities to Australia and our region. It is imperative at this critical juncture of the pandemic that we be mindful of the impact of policy shifts that might have significant repercussions on our cultural, intellectual, social and political futures.

AASRN would like to put together a public statement that speaks specifically to Asian Australian dimensions to the arts and humanities. We’d really appreciate it if you could offer a brief statement – as a reply to the facebook post or in an email to – that responds to the following:

As someone interested in Asian Australia, show/tell us how important the arts and humanities are for you.

Please feel free to post a picture/image/artwork that showcases your experience. It would be great if you could add some text, along with the image, to speak to that experience. If you do choose to share an image, please ensure that the image is yours, obtained with permission, or royalty free. You might like to use images from the following website if you can’t find any (just include an attribution): Text only contributions are welcomed as well.

We want to put together a wall of images, and a collection of written experiences, that speak to the pasts, presents, and futures, of Asian Australian entanglements with the arts and humanities. Please be aware that we may use your response in our statement, but if you would like to be anonymised or not have your response used, do let us know. We might be creating a twitter hashtag to get broader engagement too.

We would like to get this statement out within a week, so if you can, please respond as soon as possible, and definitely before 11thJuly 2020. Once we have the responses and have crafted a draft, we will circulate it with you on this forum for feedback.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope you are doing well despite the trying times we are in.

Kindest regards,
AASRN Board.
Mridula Nath Chakraborty (Convenor)
Denise Woods (Perth chapter)
Nadia Rhook (Perth chapter)
Earvin Cabalquinto (Melbourne chapter)
Monika Winarnita (Melbourne chapter)
Sukhmani Khorana (Sydney chapter)
Timothy Steains (Sydney chapter)