We are delighted to announce that Peril magazine has now brought out a special issue of some of the presentations made at the 7th Asian Australian Identities conference on Genealogies of Identity Politics held in November 2019. 
Peril will publish one piece from the edition and promo on social media every Wednesday, instead of all at once. As Peril knows, this tends to work best for engagement and for keeping readership up.
This week, it is Mridula Nath Chakraborty’s editorial for the issue, to be followed by the keynote addresses the next two Wednesdays, then the AASRN ECR and community prize winners who submitted their papers, followed by all the others in the subsequent Wednesdays.
Do keep a lookout for Peril‘s Wednesday releases and do share among your networks: https://peril.com.au/back-editions/edition-41-aai7/aai7-editorial/?
Thank you all and happy reading,
Mridula and Anoma, on behalf of the AAI7 Board and Conference organising committee