Dear AASRNers,

As you know, the Asian Australian Studies Research Network has been most active as an online community. But unbeknownst to many of us are the often unsung volunteers working in the background to bring us the news and views we like. One such wonderful person is the indefatigable Som Sengmany who has been supporting us through his carriage and vigilance of the AASRN facebook page, the word press site, the email account and twitter handle. 

Som Sengmany has been undertaking this everyday job while being enrolled as the 2018 Donald Dyer doctoral candidate at Deakin University. Now Som Sengmany needs to take a backseat as he becomes more immersed in his doctoral work and bids us adieu from his role as the Communications Officer of AASRN.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking Som Sengmany for his wonderful presence here and the work he has been doing with inevitable good cheer, courtesy and care. Som Sengmany continues being an AASRN member of course.

Three cheers for Som Sengmany!

Mridula Chakraborty
Convener, AASRN