Date: Thursday 22 November 2018
Location: Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Australia and Asia have a long history of connection that is increasingly recognised to pre‐date colonialism. Yet, in many mainstream discourses ‘Asia’ continues to be placed geographically and culturally removed from Australia. The recent release of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ reminds us about the complexities in representing Asians and Asia, and that representations of Asia have intensely global and local impacts, especially in this age of digital media.

This inaugural symposium of the Perth Asian Australian Studies Research Network asks: ‘Where’s your Asia?’ From which real and imagined and virtual and creative places do you approach ‘Asia’? Is the ‘Asia’ in Australia still ‘out there’, ‘in here’, ‘next door’, already here or always arriving? Where does Australia end and Asia begin? And who represents, defines, (re)directs ‘Asian Australia’?

This Asian Australian Studies Research Network symposium brings together academics, writers, community and cultural workers, educators, creative artists, and industry speakers. Papers are invited that reflect on the location/s of Asian Australian Studies today.

Symposium Program
Download the Where’s your Asia Symposium 2018 Program