The Japan Foundation, Sydney and UNSW Sydney co-present:

Talk by visiting scholar Dr Michal Daliot-Bul (University of Haifa, Israel)

Date: September 13 (Thursday), 2018
Location: The Japan Foundation, Sydney,
Level 4, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm (doors open 6pm)
Cost: Free, but bookings recommended.

A cultural researcher focusing on modern Japan, Dr Michal Daliot-Bul is an associate professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Haifa. She is known for her work on popular culture and anime and soft power, and for her books License to Play: The Ludic in Japanese Culture (2014) and The Anime Boom in the US: Lessons for Global Creative Industries (2017; co-authored with Prof. Nissim Otmazgin).

Dr Daliot-Bul’s talk looks at the emergence of science fiction in Japan, from its importation from the West and its influence during the Meiji period to some of the earliest Japanese science fiction novels, which appeared toward the turn of the 20th century and went beyond mere escapist fantasy to carefully examine the society and politics of the day. These novels provide insight into the trajectory of Japanese science fiction since its inception, and the inherently political nature of the genre that makes it ever-relevant today.

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