2018-04-14 14_22_07-Fwd_ Invitation_ CYRUS TANG, 'Golden Hour' _ Opening 19 April -Date: 19 April 2018
Time: 6.00-8.00pm
Location: ARC ONE Gallery, 45 Flinders Land, Melbourne VIC 3000

With a unique capacity to explore nostalgia, memory, and absence, Cyrus Tang’s arresting new body of work is a powerful elegy on damage and loss, existence and presence.

For her second solo exhibition at ARC ONE Gallery, Tang continues her project of paradoxically reconstructing and recording ephemeral mental images and sensations in permanent materials. In this latest suite of photographic work, she employs the concept of the ‘Golden Hour’ to further her meditations on humanity.

For more information visit the ARC One Gallery website: https://arcone.com.au/news2/rsldphyrwmmhzrkljlarm3b9fbe44n