2018-03-15 13_53_25-Youth Futures - Connection and Mobility in the Asia Pacific _ Deakin

The Alfred Deakin Institute’s flagship conference for 2018 will explore the increasingly interlinked, complex and uncertain world that young people across the Asia-Pacific live in.

Date: 15-16 November 2018
Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Location: Deakin Downtown (2/727 Collins St, Docklands VIC 3008)

Young people across the Asia-Pacific live in increasingly interlinked, complex and uncertain worlds. New mobilities as well as new kinds of connectivity, enabled through changing global economic, geopolitical and technological circumstances, have created unprecedented possibilities for youth pathways and networks to span spatial, temporal and social differences.

This conference considers opportunities and challenges for young people in and beyond the region as they make a place for themselves and imagine their futures in an era of increased mobilities, de-standardisation of the life course, hyperdiversity and digital connectedness. Mobilities and the possibilities to which they give rise have long been a defining feature of youth transition regimes (Wyn 2015), but today such aspirations and demands are increasingly transnational in scale, as youth are urged towards mastering ‘global’ opportunities linked to the inter and intra national movement of goods and labour, and the acquisition and leveraging of digital skills, entrepreneurialism and cosmopolitan capital in ways which cut regional and class divides (Robertson et al. 2017).

Please submit your abstract (200 words max), paper title and a short bionote (100 words max) by 14 May 2018 using the form below:

We welcome papers which may address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • young people’s digital practices, spaces and cultures;
  • intercultural relations, diversity and migration;
  • (re)configurations of cultural/racial/ethnic/local/national/trans-local and ‘post’colonial identities through various forms of connection and mobility;
  • experiences of mobility/immobility and place-making;
  • precarity, opportunity and futurity;
  • new (contested) terrains and temporalities of social or civic togetherness.

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