Dear AASRN members,


A very happy lunar new year to you all. May it bring peace, prosperity, productivity, and of course, many many AASRN parties!


As I take up the convenorship of AASRN, I am aware that I am stepping into really big shoes. The example Tseen has set all these years is a formidably hard act to follow. My endeavour will be to live up to the faith reposed in me by Tseen Khoo and Jacqueline Lo (the real JLo, as I have been reliably informed).


The broad church that AASRN is, it relies on all of us to make and shape it in the image that we want. In the year to come, I look forward to seeing, and hearing from, many of you at the AASRN meetups in Melbourne (the first of the year is on Thursday 1st March 2018), and also online (a new territory for me so far: to Tseen again goes the credit of ‘converting’ me).


At the same time, it would be great to spread the joy around the country. To that effect, we look forward to hosting AASRN meetups in other cities and centres in Australia. More about this soon…


Meanwhile, please do feel free to contact me with any news and views. Som Sengmany is our Communications Officer and will be happy to circulate the same on our networks.


With love,




Dr Mridula Nath Chakraborty