Photo by All the Aces |
Photo by All the Aces |

Welcome to 2018, everyone! We have exciting, excellent news to share.

There are a few big changes for AASRN this year! 

Dr Tseen Khoo, AASRN’s founding convenor, is stepping down from the executive and her other network roles. 

The new AASRN CONVENOR is Dr Mridula Chakraborty. Based at Monash University and Deputy Director of the Monash Asia Institute, Mridula will be known to many of you as the co-convenor (with Dr Jessica Walton) of last year’s wonderful AAI 6 conference in Melbourne. Her research interests include postcolonial literatures, literatures of the Indian subcontinent in English and in translation, global indigeneity, translation theory and practice, studies in nationalism, feminisms and diasporas, public intellectuals, and identity politics. You can find out more about Mridula and her work here:

The new AASRN COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER is Som Sengmany. Som has been involved with the AASRN for about fourteen years, and is known to many of our members. For the past decade or so, Som’s been a communications professional, working across the university, government, and private sectors. He is commencing his doctoral studies at Deakin University this year and holds a Master of Arts (Art History) from Monash University. To find out more about Som and his work, visit his LinkedIn profile.

And – finally! – for 2018, the Asian Australian meet-ups in Melbourne will continue, but they’ll be on at a different time: the first Thursday of each month, starting in March 2018. So, the first AA meet-up for this year is on THURSDAY 1 MARCH. Check our AA meet-ups page for the rest of the year’s specific dates and other details.