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Issue editors Anne Begg and Vijay Devadas | Photo sourced from UOtago website



  • INTRODUCTION – Anne Begg & Vijay Devadas
    Border politics
  • Anelynda Mielke – Objectifying the Border: Symbolism and Subaltern Experience of Borders in Palestine and Canada
  • Leila Whitley – The disappearance of race: a critique of the use of Agamben in border and migration scholarship
  • Mahdis Azarmandi and Roberto D. Hernandez – Colonial Redux: When Re-naming Silences—Antonio Lopez y Lopez and Nelson Mandela
  • David Eades – Boats, Bodies and Borders: The Geospatial Significance of a Fence-line
  • Brett Nicholls – Adam Curtis’s compelling logic: the tortuous corridor to the hypernormal

From borderlands Assistant Editor Anne Begg:

“This issue’s contributions from Mahdis Azarmandi, Roberto D Hernandez, David Eades, Anelynda Mielke, Leila Whitley and Brett Nicholls combine to interrogate prevailing methods of state governance, specifically those that enact aggressive and exclusionary forms of border control and nationalism.

Azarmandi and Hernandez examine current contestations over the re-naming of colonial sites and memorials in Barcelona and Spain, Eades and Mielke address specific cases of migration and border control in Australia/New Guinea and Palestine/Canada, respectively, while Whitley problematises the uptake of Agamben in border and migration scholarship.

Nicholls contends that the documentary style of Adam Curtis is a powerful articulation of the post-political present and a compelling form of social theory.”


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