Rethinking Trans-Asia Media Flows from Australia: An International Symposium

23-24 AUGUST 2018 | Monash Caulfield campus, Melbourne, Australia 

Monash University / The University of Melbourne with funding from The Australian Research Council

Although it has long been considered a non-Asian country located in Asia, Australia is increasingly linked into Asian media circuits, and the rise of the Asian media industries is changing Australian media culture. At the level of consumption, Asian media content––from Bollywood film to Japanese TV to Chinese online video to Korean social media and K-pop––is now more readily accessible than ever to media users in Australia due to broadband connectivity and mobile media technologies, as well as (more unevenly) via mainstream commercial distribution. This increased access is not only helping Australia’s Asian migrant populations maintain cultural ties; it is also creating new media tastes for the general Australian audience. Meanwhile, at the level of production, Australian governments, keen to harness the potential for the country’s involvement in the region’s expanding media industries, are exploring new ways to support Australia’s screen media industries by establishing regional partnerships. To what extent are these intensifying media flows transforming the cultural identities of Australian audiences and media products? And how does such consideration in and from Australia enrich the study of trans-Asian media and cultural flows? This two-day international symposium will explore thee and related questions.

Possible topics:

  • Transnational Asian media engagements by audiences in Australia and the possibility of cross-border dialogues
  • Transnational cultural politics of gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity
  • Asian-Australian media cultures
  • The role of transnational media in migrant and diasporic public spheres
  • Debates over media-based “soft power” in Australia, especially from China and Korea
  • Media’s role in diplomatic relations between Australia and Asian nations
  • Collaborations between Australian and Asian media producers
  • Emerging forms of media mobility between Australia and Asia
  • The distribution and reception of Australian media and Australia-related media content in Asia
  • Media and cultural policy perspectives on media flows between Asia and Australia
  • Representations of aspects of “Asian-ness” in Australian media
  • Rethinking trans-Asia / inter-Asia cultural studies


Confirmed participants:

  • Professor Wanning Sun, University of Technology Sydney
  • Professor Ien Ang, Western Sydney University
  • Professor Audrey Yue, National University of Singapore
  • Professor Koichi Iwabuchi, Monash University
  • A/Prof Olivia Khoo, Monash University
  • A/Prof Fran Martin, The University of Melbourne

 Submission of abstractsPlease email a 250 word abstract and 150 word bio to by 1 February 2018.

 Postgraduate travel grants: A small number of grants is available to assist postgraduate students in attending the symposium. To apply for a grant, please submit with your abstract a 1-page budget outlining the cost of travel and accommodation for your attendance.