John Young, Naive and Sentimental Painting XI, 2016, oil on linen, 203 x 270 cm.
John Young, Naive and Sentimental Painting XI, 2016, oil on linen, 203 x 270 cm.

30 May – 8 July 2017

ARC ONE is delighted to present John Young’s None Living Knows, the latest instalment in the artist’s multi-project exploration of the Chinese diaspora in Australia since 1840. Highly regarded in Australia and internationally for his commitment to intellectual rigor and aesthetic finesse, in None Living Knows Young poetically captures a scarcely documented event in Australian history.

During the late nineteenth century, Chinese immigrants and miners walked from Darwin through the vast Northern Territory to Croydon, and as far as Cairns on Queensland’s east coast, in search of gold. Intermittent and often alone, the walkers trailed a perilous and unmapped two thousand kilometres that resulted in many deaths. ‘None Living Knows’ – words drawn from a W. B. Yeats poem – echo this forgotten narrative.

ARTIST BIO: John Young Zerunge was born in Hong Kong in 1956 and moved to Australia in 1967. Young read philosophy of science and aesthetics at the University of Sydney and then studied painting and sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts. His investigation of Western late modernism prompted significant phases of work from a bi-cultural viewpoint, and he has devoted a large part of his three-decade career towards regional development in Asia, participating in many regional group travelling exhibitions including Asialink’s Art from Australia: Eight Contemporary Views, (1991,
South East Asian Museums), Transcultural Painting (1994-5, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong), Systems End (1996, Japan and Korea) and Antipodean Currents (1995, Guggenheim Museum USA). Young has regular solo exhibitions in Australia and also shows in Berlin and Hong Kong.