On behalf of Oral History NSW, we invite you to join us in Sydney from 13 – 16 September 2017

The conference committee want to make this conference a rewarding experience for you so we asked ourselves: ‘Why do we attend oral history conferences?’

  • To learn about current work in our field in Australia and overseas to present our own work, explore how it makes a contribution, and exchange ideas with others
  • To learn about how oral history is being used in different ways across museums, galleries, libraries, archives, universities, historical consultancies and within families
  • To catch up with old friends and make new ones.

We aim to provide a conference that stimulates, energises and inspires you. So come along in 2017 and help us make it that way. There are many ways to get involved: you can submit proposals for a 20 minute paper, a 5 minute lightning talk or participation in a roundtable discussion. Memorable conferences hum with interested and willing participants, supported by good organisation.

Download a copy of the CFP flyer: oral_history_banner_call_for_papers

>> Visit the official website

We invite you to join us in our global city of Sydney, where you can also explore our beautiful harbour, rich cultural diversity and layered heritage.