Still from video triptych Climax of the Next Scene by Jisun Kim. Courtesy of ACMI.

Created by South Korean artist Jisun Kim, Climax of the Next Scene is a bold video typograph that opens a portal onto a world of online game.

In this bold video triptych, two Teletubbie avatars grace the outer screens, moving objects within their constructed environments. Trapped within their respective worlds, they reflect on the centre screen game play as characters move through the urban decay of Grand Theft Auto, inflicting senseless carnage on bystanders or imploding through acts of self-sabotage. As we enter the world of Minecraft, we meet Soldier who has spent five months walking to the edge of the maps. As he teeters on the precipice of the world’s end, Climax of the Next Scene offers a playful and provocative commentary on the world of online game culture.

POSTER: acmi-presents_climax-of-the-next-scene-2 (PDF)

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