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[This petition was composed by Jen Tsen Kwok on behalf of the Asian Australian Democracy Caucus (AADC)]

There is no room for racism or religious vilification in parliament.

Any expression of discrimination or vilification which attacks a cultural group or an individual on the basis of their membership of that group is unacceptable. This is especially so in relation to public life.

Parliament is the crucible of our democracy. It is through parliament that our rights as Australian citizens are articulated and protected.

Expressions of racism and religious vilification trash our commitment to human rights. These expressions diminish the rights of the cultural groups being attacked, the rights of the broader community, as well as the standing of parliament itself. They place the integrity of the entire body politic and the political equality shared amongst Australian citizens at risk.

Racism is a disease. Like a disease, it will spread if not combated. Every racist attack made in parliament translates into ten acts of hate on our streets. We experience these on public transport, at school, at sporting events, and even in the workplace. These attacks make the society we all share less safe.

To address our concerns with the growing expression of racism and religious vilification, we call upon members of all Australian parliaments to join us and sign onto the following pledge:

As an elected member of parliament, I pledge to oppose expressions of racism and religious vilification in all its forms. Dehumanising people on the basis of their ethnicity, religion or race is inconsistent with the core values of our great nation. My pledge to oppose racism and religious vilification represents an enduring commitment to my fellow citizens and an embodiment of my responsibilities as an elected representative.

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