cfp-monika20-21 April 2017  |  La Trobe University Melbourne Australia

Southeast Asia is home to the largest number of social media users globally. Digital technology is shaping the way Southeast Asians interact, maintain contact, express who they are and their family relationships. It is also a region known for its mobile population with high numbers of overseas workers, international students, refugees/asylum seekers, and migrants seeking permanent residency or citizenship in other countries. Online multimedia content is one way that migrants and mobile Southeast Asians express their sense of connectedness to their family members, belonging, multiple and varied identities and cultural backgrounds.

This two-day workshop of 18 presentations and 20 participants aims to provide a contemporary understanding of online multimedia expression of identity, belonging and intergenerational family relationships of migrants and mobile subjects of Southeast Asian descent.

We are interested in presentations and discussions on multimedia productions such as digital art, online short films, vblogs or photo essay blogs in a migrant and mobile context. What do these online multimedia production and stories tell us about the effects of migration and mobility on family intergenerational relationships, that of children, parents, grandparents, and extended kin networks? By focusing on online multimedia expression of Southeast Asians we aim to comprehend social and cultural change in this region and beyond that is shaped by digital technology, and particularly in relation to issues of identity, belonging and family relationships.

Topic of Workshop:Multimedia, Mobility and the Digital Southeast Asian Family

  • Multimedia production by and about Southeast Asian first or second-generation migrants, intercultural family members, temporary migrants, forced migrants/asylum seekers/refugees
  • Stories, case-studies, or ethnographies about online family relations of mobile Southeast Asians

Three travel grants are available to support travel & accommodation expenses to Melbourne, Australia for presentations and paper on either: Indonesians in Singapore/Hong Kong or Philippines in Hong Kong/the United Kingdom, taking into account mobility in family locations.


  • Call for Papers: 15 November 2016 for 200 word abstract & 100 word bio
  • Notification of Acceptance by 1 December 2016
  • Submission of 6000 word paper by 31 March 2017
  • Free Registration (limited spaces) by 1 March 2017

For all workshop submissions and enquiries, email Dr Monika Winarnita:

Workshop sponsored by: La Trobe Asia, Migration and Mobilities Cluster of Transforming Human Societies RFA at La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia and the University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada (Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives and Anthropology)