ltu-hussIf you are a young female multimedia artist or active in producing multimedia work online and from a Philippine or Indonesian background living in Melbourne we would like to invite you to participate in our study on ‘Multimedia, Migrant Identities and Family Relationships’.

Our study is about the ways in which young women use media to express their thoughts and feelings about family and belonging. We hope to speak to young women (aged 18-30) who are part of the Philippine or Indonesian communities living in Melbourne, and who produce multimedia art. Our aim is to understand the hopes, dreams, frustrations and opportunities that is associated with family living in Australia and overseas, and how these are expressed in multimedia artwork.

Participation involves two interviews of up to two hours long approximately 6 months apart from each other. You will be asked to talk about your multimedia production and uses of social media, your family relationships, and your sense of belonging to places, people and communities. With your permission, we would also like to take part in your community events and observe you producing your multimedia art, to help us better understand your experiences. As part of our research, we will ask your permission to view your Facebook or other social media with you, in order to discuss how the comments, posts, and photographs relate to your experiences of migration and maintaining family connection. If you agree, you will be sent a Facebook “friend request” from “Monika Research.” This account will be set so that “friends” will not be visible to anyone.

We look forward to hearing from you and your participation in this first multimedia study about young female Southeast Asian in Melbourne Australia.

If you are interested please contact researcher Dr Monika Winarnita from Social Science at La Trobe University at

This project has been approved by La Trobe University’s ASSC CHESC ethics committee, Reference Number E16-094.