Photo by Anthnoy McGrath
Photo by Anthnoy McGrath


Leading for Change: A blueprint for cultural diversity and inclusive leadership starts the conversation about improving the representation of cultural diversity within Australian leadership.

It provides guidance for how organisations can nurture leadership that is fit for our multicultural society and our global economy.

Excerpt from Tim Soutphommasane’s Foreword: 

“In our multicultural society, why don’t we see more diversity among our leaders? Do we have leadership that is fit for today’s Australia?

Holding up a mirror to ourselves isn’t easy. We don’t always do well with self-examination.
But improvement never comes without accepting that we can do better.

Our conversations about cultural diversity must be conducted in this spirit. They should be guided by ambition and aspiration. Doing better is about us fulfilling our potential – as individuals, as organisations, as a society.

At the same time, these conversations require an honest recognition. Attitudes and cultures will have to change – but change won’t be inevitable. It may be resisted. Overcoming this requires not only talk, but also action. Good intentions must be turned into staunch commitment.”

Here’s the FULL REPORT at the Australian Human Rights Commission for download (PDF and Word).