Photo by Tseen Khoo

After the election (which is still not finalised), many Asian Australian’s had a sense of deja vu. And perhaps a bit of dread.

Not only were nationalist groups and their anti-immigration rhetoric on the rise and proliferating on our ballots, but arguably Australia’s most famous racist and her party were back with a vengeance.

In the wake of their renewed popularity, there has been much soul-searching (from some, who advocated for listening to those perceived to be disaffected and ‘left behind’ in our current economic climate) and critique (from others who believed that the blatant racism and rejuvenated, licensed bigotry will have other consequences).

Here’s quick round-up of some thought-provoking articles from AASRN members and others:

And if you’d rather watch a short, very good video from Junkee on the issue, here’s Why did Pauline Hanson do so well at the election?.