usyd-logoThe Department of Indonesian Studies in the School of Languages and Cultures offers an area studies major incorporating language acquisition for learners who enter the program with less than near-native facility and rigorous disciplinary content for native and non-native speakers.

While ensuring that language acquisition takes precedence in the lower levels, students are expected to grapple with important questions about the history, culture, geography, economy, anthropology and politics of this vast and complex nation from the ab initio level onwards.

This is facilitated at the lower levels through an English language lecture component and at the upper levels through our flagship Indonesian language guest lecture program, in which students from levels 3 and 4 come together 10 times per semester to attend a lecture on a topic related to their studies delivered in Indonesian by an outside expert.

This position offers you an opportunity to:

  • play a key role in the teaching of the Indonesian language major, with an emphasis on content-driven advanced units of study, however you will teach students at all levels
  • collaborate with other staff on curriculum development and the promotion of Indonesian Studies across campus and in NSW schools
  • potentially supervise Honours students
  • potentially teach in the Asian Studies program (in English)
  • make a high-quality contribution to the research profile of the department.

To secure this role you must have:

  • native or near-native fluency in Indonesian and English
  • a PhD in Indonesian Studies or other relevant discipline (the minimum requirement being proof of submission of the thesis at the time of interview)
  • experience in teaching at the university level and a demonstrated interest in curriculum development
  • demonstrated research potential in an area that contributes to or complements the department’s existing research strengths
  • evidence of organisational ability, capacity for teamwork and administration, and the ability to maintain effective working relationships with students and colleagues.

There are also desirable criteria for appointment.