Embraced by the Aussie hip hop community, both Sietta and Joelistics are renowned for powerful performances and a soulful connection with their audiences. In this unique show, they share the Asian Australian stories that have shaped their musical careers.

This is no simple stroll down memory lane. Joel’s story begins with his Grandmother, Edie – maitre d’ at Australia’s first nightclub Chequers, where a fatal shooting changes her family’s destiny forever. And James’ father – a village boy from the Philippines ventures to the city to be a preacher. He woos his pen pal in faraway South Australia – not just with letters but cassette recordings of his sermons. Through fractured family histories, elopements, estrangements, even sham weddings, they give us compelling and unpredictable insights into the contemporary Asian Australian experience.

Beautifully enhanced by rare home movie footage, family photographs, and original live music performance, IN BETWEEN TWO navigates the rich territory between two cultures, two generations and two musicians reaching their peak.

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