1. Japan FoundationSoft power and cultural diplomacy – 13 OCT 2015
    Three academic experts from three different fields explore the various shapes of Japan’s soft power. What is Japan’s strategy in this age of intensive cultural diplomacy? How has the globalisation of Japan’s culture industries shaped its image across Asia and worldwide? Japan Update invites trans-Asia globalisation specialist Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash University), ‘cute culture’ theorist Christine R. Yano (University of Hawaii) and public diplomacy analyst Yasushi Watanabe (Keio University) to share their ideas on this rich and fascinating topic.

    From examining the politics of soft power and policies around ‘Cool Japan’ to unpacking the global clout of Hello Kitty, these distinguished panelists open up on recent developments in the area and offer insights for the future based on their own innovative research.

    FULL INFO: http://www.jpf.org.au/japanupdate

  2. Lines on paper: Demystifying woodblock prints and manga – 16 & 30 OCT 2015
    We’ve all marveled at Japanese woodblock prints and felt excited about manga. But for all our admiration, it’s easy to feel on the outside—like there’s an in-joke we’re missing, or hidden mastery we just don’t appreciate. These events are a chance to fill that gap between us and these iconic artforms we’ve come to love, giving us more of those “ahh!” moments we’ve secretly wished for all along. This program runs alongside the exhibition, EDO GIGA: Comical Woodblock Prints from Japan, Part 2, on display at The Japan Foundation Gallery, October 13 – November 2.

    FULL INFO: http://www.jpf.org.au/jpfevents/15-lines-on-paper