advca journal - brillAASRN member Dr Jane Park is co-editing a special issue on “oceanic diasporas” for a new journal called Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures — CFP below.

This special issue will take up the idea of the island and the diaspora, as related, and in this case specifically to see what Pacific Asia can tell us. Islands might traditionally be thought at once to be very localized communities or yet only part of a larger region; isolating and bounded, and/or just elements within flows and exchange; defined by insularity and indigeneity, or the ground of mixing; and in some cases part of a postindustrial and depopulated landscape, or the ground of generative possibility.

Diasporas, similarly, might be thought of as the definition of dispersal, or an example of tenacious clinging to identities; and a community of exiles, or a site of opportunity. Both the island and the diaspora are identities that are not only historical, but are now being produced and defined in new ways by global forces of capital, technology, and politics.


The deadline for submission is fast approaching – 30 Aug. Here’s more information on the journal: