Source: Klaus Newmann (via Immigration Museum)
Source: Klaus Newmann (via Immigration Museum)

Join the conversation with Klaus Neumann and Arnold Zable.

Has Australia taken its fair share of refugees?

Have our past responses been motivated by humanitarian concerns or economic self-interest? Is the influx of ‘boat people’ of the last fifteen years really unprecedented?

To mark International Refugee Day, historian Klaus Neumann and novelist Arnold Zable will feature at the Immigration Museum for an in-depth discussion on what has become a constant feature of Australia’s political news cycle.

Klaus Neumann has written extensively about Australia’s colonial history, immigration, refugee and asylum seeker policies. Winner of the 2004 Human Rights Award, Neumann comes together with Arnold Zable to inspire more creative thinking on current refugee and asylum-seeker policy.


DATE/TIME: Saturday 20 Jun 2015, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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