mono no aware

EXHIBITION: ‘Mono no aware: The Poignancy of Things’

This series of photographs was captured by Brett Boardman in Kyoto in 2011. The images juxtapose Katsura Rikyu, a 17th-century imperial villa that has long captivated architects across the world, with the makeshift shelter of a homeless person under a bridge nearby. Boardman’s intimate shots transcend the stark social and temporal disparity of these structures, illuminating the ways that they echo each other in response to human desire for tranquillity, order and dignity. Featuring exhibition design by award-winning architect Andrew Burns.

Exhibition flyer – 2015.02.05_Mono-no-aware_Exhibition_Boardman

PUBLIC TALK: Dr Heike Rahmann – “Tokyo Void: Possibilities in Absence”

Landscape architecture and design researcher Dr Heike Rahmann (RMIT University) takes the urban environment of Tokyo as a point of departure to explore the role of temporary vacant spaces in cities.

“Tokyo’s urban landscape is full of contradictions: as a densely packed megalopolis, it is home to thousands of vacant spaces. While creative design practices and informal appropriations activate urban voids in European and Northern American cities, this spatial capital remains largely overlooked in Tokyo. This talk explores the distinct morphology of Tokyo’s vacant spaces and the possibilities they offer for creative practice, opening up new layers and deeper readings of the city and questioning the notion of a finished ideal in the urban landscape.”


Talk flyer – 2015.02.25_Tokyo Void_Talk Event