Photo by the Asian Australian Democracy Caucus (AADC) |
Photo by the Asian Australian Democracy Caucus (AADC) |

Late last year, various AASRN members attended the ‘Promoting Asian Australian Participation in Public Life‘ event (held at Uni of Melbourne).

At this event, a strong thread emerged about building Asian Australian capacity to undertake civic and political roles, as well as to gain profile for themselves and their organisations.

On discussing this further with Jen Tsen Kwok, the coordinator of the AASRN monthly meet-ups, I suggested a social media workshop to introduce members and their friends to social media and its possibilities. Most of the groups and organisations we’re involved with have no money, so leveraging (free) social media for profile makes sense.

I was also extremely keen to build Asian Australian presence online, particularly so that there would be more circulating conversations around events and projects.

Big thanks to Tom Cho for agreeing to co-present with me. His perspectives and expertise were very valuable for the event!

Thanks also to Jen Kwok for his organisation of the event, and to Shinen Wong (for connecting us and bringing snacks!) and Budi Sudarto (for the wonderful venue, food, and hospitality).

Below are the notes and other materials from the “Getting started on social media” workshop that took place on 16 Feb 2015: