The new issue of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies (10.1 2014) has just been released.

It comprises a Special Issue on ‘EDWARD SAID—INTELLECTUAL, CULTURAL CRITIC, ACTIVIST’ and is edited by Brett Nicholls, Vijay Devadas and Alex Thong.

>> Papers and book reviews can be accessed here:


Brett Nicholls – Introduction

Vijay Mishra – Edward Said, Salman Rushdie and spectres of humanism

John Drummond – Said and Aida: Culture, Imperialism, Egypt and Opera

Anna Carastathis – Is Hellenism an Orientalism? Reflections on the boundaries of ‘Europe’ in an age of austerity

Krista Banasiak – Dancing the East in the West: Orientalism, feminism, and belly dance

Hsu-Ming Teo – American popular culture through the lens of Saidian and post-Saidian Orientalist critiques

Maryam Khalid – ‘Gendering Orientalism’: Gender, sexuality, and race in post-9/11 global politics

Coeli Fitzpatrick – Said matters: Teaching Edward Said to the non-humanities undergraduate


Sumedha Iyer – Elspeth Tilley. 2012. White Vanishing: Rethinking Australia’s Lost-in-the-Bush Myth, Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Katherine Britton – Anna Hickey-Moody & Peta Malins (eds). 2007. Deleuzian Encounters: Studies in Contemporary Social Issues, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.