All Together Now has just released a new game that focuses on everyday racism.

Led by the #EverydayRacism tag in social media, this project challenges your understanding of racism.

The initiative is a collaboration between All Together Now and three Australian universities: the University of Western Sydney, University of Melbourne, and Deakin University.

C|Net review excerpt: “It’s an interesting idea and one, we hope, that will help effect positive change in the way people view and respect one another — and possibly extend to app markets in other countries as well.” The full C|Net review of the app can be found here.


From the website: “A world-first mobile phone app, Everyday Racism is a game/education app, which challenges players to live a week in the life of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman, an Indian student or just yourself.

Available for the first time in Australia, Everyday Racism offers a journey to better understand racism by walking in the shoes of someone else for seven days.

It’s an immersive experience where over the course of one week, you’ll receive texts, tweets, images and videos that will challenge you and your assumptions. It will help you understand the importance of speaking up when you witness racism.”

Seize this opportunity to experience what life can be like for ethnic and cultural minorities in Australia.

For full information about the app:


About the organisation:

All Together Now’s vision is for an Australia that embraces cultural diversity and is free from racism. We seek to achieve this by creating innovative, evidence-based and effective social marketing that is positive, provocative and courageous.