A Country Too Far (Ed. Rosie Scott and Thomas Keneally)

LAUNCH: A Country Too Far. Edited by Rosie Scott and Thomas Keneally

When: Wed 4 Dec 2013, 6pm

Where: Asia Bookroom, Unit 2, 1 – 3 Lawry Place, Macquarie, ACT.

RSVP: By the 3rd of December by phoning 6251 5191 or Email Us

Professor Satendra Nandan will launch this important anthology of Australian writers writing about asylum seekers.

Rosie Scott, who jointly edited the collection with Thomas Keneally, will be available for Q&A afterwards.

One of the central moral issues of our time is the question of asylum seekers, arguably the most controversial subject in Australia today.

In this landmark anthology, twenty-seven of Australia’s finest writers have focused their intelligence and creativity on the theme of the dispossessed, bringing a whole new perspective of depth and truthfulness to what has become a fraught, distorted war of words. This anthology confirms that the experience of seeking asylum – the journeys of escape from death, starvation, poverty or terror to an imagined paradise – is part of the Australian mindset and deeply embedded in our culture and personal histories.

A Country Too Far is a tour de force of stunning fiction, memoir, poetry and essays. Edited by award-winning writers Rosie Scott and Thomas Keneally, and featuring contributors including Anna Funder, Christos Tsiolkas, Elliot Perlman, Gail Jones, Raimond Gaita, Les Murray, Rodney Hall and Geraldine Brooks, this rich anthology is by turns thoughtful, fierce, evocative, lyrical and moving, and always extraordinarily powerful.

A Country Too Far makes an indispensable contribution to the national debate.

Professor Satendra Nandan is a  distinguished writer, academic, and former politican. He  was Minister of Health and Social Welfare in the Bavadra government. He is now Professor of Literature and Director of the Centre for Writing at ANU. He is also Professor of Humanities and the Arts, University of Fiji. He is the author of 15 award-winning books.

You may have seen Thomas Keneally interviewed on the ABC’s Lateline programme on October 24th about  A Country Too Far if not you can catch up on iview http://www.abc.net.au/iview/?series=2520789#/view/47203

The Facebook page for A Country Too Far is https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Country-Too-Far-Anthology-Penguin/208504032661941

This is a fundraising event. Gold Coin Donation entrance and all profits from book sales on the night will go to the Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation (see their website below).

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