Japan FoundationThe outlines and application forms for the fiscal 2014-2015 Head Office Grant Programs are now available on the Japan Foundation, Sydney website.

Grants for researchers:

  • Japanese Studies Fellowship Program (deadline: Dec 2, 2013)
  • Intellectual Exchange Conference Grant (deadline: Dec 2, 2013)

See details here: http://www.jpf.org.au/grants/japanesestudies.html

 Other grants: Publications

The Japan Foundation also offers a Support Program for Translation and Publication on Japan. This grant is awarded to publishers, not individual writers or researchers, but may be useful to keep in mind nonetheless (deadline: November 19, 2013). Note that The Japan Foundation produced a booklet last year called ‘Worth Sharing’, recommending new fiction titles for translation into Japanese.

Grant details: http://www.jpf.org.au/grants/artandculture.html

‘Worth Sharing’ (pdf/2.8MB): http://www.jpf.go.jp/j/culture/media/publish/dl/worth_sharing.pdf

Other grants: Language training

Researchers looking to building their Japanese-language skills may also be interested in the Japanese-Language Programs for Specialists grant (deadline: Dec 2, 2013).

See details here: http://www.jpf.org.au/grants/language.html