The role of Asian Australians in the debate about Australia’s place in the Asian century (SATURDAY 21 September, 3-4PM)

Facilitator: Annette Shun Wah

Panel: Professor Jacqueline Lo, Professor Ien Ang, and Dr Jen Tsen Kwok

 About Annette Shun WahAnnette is a writer, actor, broadcaster and producer, best known for television shows such as The Noise, Eat Carpet, Studio 22 and Imagine.  Nominated for an AFI for her performance in the feature film Floating Life, she has appeared in various television shows. Her writing has been published in anthologies such as Grandma Magic, Growing Up Asian in Australia and Come Away With Me. With Greg Aitkin she co-authored the award-winning Banquet – Ten Courses to Harmony, a social history of how the Chinese integrated in Australia through their links with food.  She wrote and directed the smartphone app China Heart.  Annette is Executive Producer of Performance 4a.

About Professor Jacqueline Lo: Jacquie is Director of the Australian National University’s Centre for European Studies and Adjunct Research Fellow of the Centre for Interweaving Performance Cultures at the Free University of Berlin. Her research focuses on issues of race, colonialism, diaspora and the interaction of cultures and communities across ethnic, national and regional borders. Publications include Staging Nation (2002) and Performance and Cosmopolitics (2007, with Helen Gilbert). Her latest publications include editing a special issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture focusing on transnational memories in Germany and Australia (2013). Jacqueline is also the Chair of the Asian Australian Studies Research Network.

 About Professor Ien AngIen was born in Java and grew up in Indonesia and The Netherlands.  She is a Professor of Cultural Studies and the founding Director of the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney. A leader in cultural studies worldwide, her books, including Watching Dallas, Desperately Seeking the Audience and On Not Speaking Chinese, have been translated into many languages.  Although she is frequently called on to give keynote speeches and conferences around the world, Stories Then & Now is her theatrical debut.

About Jen Tsen Kwok: Jen has recently completed his doctorate at the University of Queensland, which explores the political participation, values and culture of candidates and representatives of Chinese ancestry under Australian multiculturalism between 1973‐2012. His research looks at the political subjectivities of Chinese communities and organisations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during this period. He has been published in a number of refereed journals, is now working towards the publication of his dissertation, and has a blog, Borderless Democracy.