VU-popupseminarsThe Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing at Victoria University would like to invite you to a Pop Up Seminar titled: Food, gender and refugee community moments: security and freedom? presented by Dr Hannah Lewis from the School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK.

Dr Hannah Lewis is Critical Geography Research Fellow at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, UK. Her research interests are in refugee community, immigration policy, contingent socialities, multiculturalism, and food. She recently completed an Economic and Social Research Council project, ‘Precarious Lives’, the first study of forced labour experiences among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

This paper considers the cultural and symbolic significance of food for recently arrived refugees in the UK. Food-related spaces and practices can build social ties and uncover the dynamic interaction of delimited social spheres and imagined community. Although rarely considered in studies of refugees, food can elucidate the operation of community boundaries and the role of women in facilitating adaptation or ‘integration’. Rather than being peripheral to the needs of refugees, this paper argues that food is central to community praxis and imaginings and is instructive for improving knowledge of how refugees cope and negotiate new environments.

When: Tuesday 17 September 2013  |  Time:  4.00pm to 5.30pm  |  Where: Room G467 Bld G Footscray Park campus, Victoria University

RSVP by Friday 13 September to Polly Probert at:

EVENT FLYER (PDF): Food gender and refugee community moments – Hannah Lewis