Colourfest Film Festival presents award-winning “Lost Years” in Australia:

Fri, Sep 13th | State Library of Victoria-Melbourne
Thr, Sep 19th | Chatswood Concourse-(Chatswood) Sydney
Sat, Sep 21st | Info & Cultural Exchange-(Parramatta) Sydney


Took Gee (Opening titles - Lost Years)
Took Gee (Opening titles – Lost Years)

What is the Lost Years documentary about? LOST YEARS is an epic documentary touching upon 150 years of the Chinese diaspora in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia, covering four generations of racism as revealed through the journey and family story of Kenda Gee.

Kenda, a Chinese Canadian, travels with his father to China to retrace the steps of his great-grandfather, exactly a century ago, and grandfather, who sailed to Canada in the summer of 1921. For thousands of Chinese immigrants that year, it was a journey of hope that turned into a nightmare when they were confronted with racism and the head tax, depriving them of their rights as citizens.

What is the Colourfest Film Festival about? Colourfest is Australia’s Multicultural Film Festival focusing exclusively on culturally diverse Australian stories. Colourfest was conceived as a response to the lack of cultural diversity on Australian screens. Portrayal of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians is littered with stereotypes and is generally skewed towards negative representations. Colourfest challenges such negative portrayals, and showcases a more authentic’ and inclusive image of Australians as a nation of diverse faces.