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The creative industries are investigated by the contributors in this edition through contemporary literature, the media and support for the arts. While Olivia Guntarik, Hoa Pham and Paul Giffard-Foret comment on the burgeoning field of Asian diasporic literatures, their work provides different critical perspectives, with Pham and Guntarik coming from the unique position of being both Asian migrants in Australia and published writers of fiction (Pham) and the memoir (Guntarik). The fascinating world of Asian science fiction writing and the role it plays in imagining technologically driven Asia meanwhile is investigated by Robbie Goh. Nirmal Rijal and Jo Tacchi write about the significant role played by local media in Nepal, while Kirpal Singh provides an honest opinion piece of the politics surrounding Singapore’s heavily invested fast-growing creative industry.

(Catherine Gomes, “Editorial”, Creative Industries Journal 6.1 [2013])

Table of Contents

  • Olivia GUNTARIK – Literary fictions: Asian Australian writers and the literary imagination
  • Hoa PHAM – Vietnam is a country, not a war- trauma and nostalgia in the anthology The Perfume River
  • Paul GIFFARD-FORET – Linguistic hybridity and a multilingual Australia in Merlinda Bobis’ poetry
  • Robbie GOH – Engaging future Asia: Techno-orientalisms, ethnography, speculative fiction
  • Nirmal RIJAL and Jo TACCHI – Media in a transitioning Nepal: Does expansion translate to pluralism?
  • Kirpal SINGH – Many Asias but one Singapore: The problematics of creative industry