A message from the film team: 
Lawrence Leung - click for his websiteComedian Lawrence Leung and filmmaker Corrie Chen, along with the campaigners for EMILY NEEDS STEM CELLS, are about to embark on making a small but ambitious 2 minute video that we are hoping will go viral and get some attention for the Emily Needs Stem Cells campaign. We want to make a fun 70’s kung fu style clip that grabs the audience’s attention before alerting them to the facts of the low rate of stem cell donation among Asians. The film’s premise is that in real life you don’t have to know kung fu to save lives. To be a “hero” is as simple as getting a swab (or a blood sample! – TK).

It will be a great video with a life saving message, but to achieve its maximum potential, we need to make up for a small $700 shortfall in our budget. We can get a whole heap of crew and people involved for free and spend what little money we already have, but with any quality filmmaking there are always small unavoidable expenses involved such as certain equipment hire, props, etc. This is where we need to spend some money and we hope it will result in a film with a wide audience reach.

Please donate to help us make a film… and make a little history! To donate, please go to and send a payment to by 15 August!