The Population, Migration and Multicultural Studies Network based at the Asia Institute is hosting a major FREE conference:

“Immigration in Diversified Australia: Today and Tomorrow’s Challenges” on 20-21 June, 2013.

Conference flyer: Immigration in Diversified Australia Conference_Flyer

In 1962, Melbourne University Press (MUP) published a volume by the Immigration Reform Group entitled Immigration: Control or Colour Bar? The Background to ‘White Australia’’ and a proposal for change. It played an important part in the national debate which led to the dismantling of the White Australia Policy. Fifty years on, the Asia Institute-based Population, Migration and Multicultural Studies Network is commemorating the significant achievement of this publication and the Immigration Reform Group’s influence during the 1960s.

In its opening sessions, the conference will take as point of departure the developments in the areas of migration flows, policy and research since the abolition of the White Australia Policy. Subsequent sessions will be dedicated to examine and discuss current and future issues pertaining to population, migration, and multiculturalism in Australia.

More information and registration can be found on this link: Immigration in Diversified Australia Conference: 20-21 June 2013.