Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture

“Entangled Pasts: Transnational Memories in Germany and Australia” 

ISSN: 20404344 | Online ISSN: 20404352,id=2422/

Volume 4 Issue 1 – Guest Editors: Nina Fischer, Jacqueline Lo & Kate Mitchell
Cover Date: April 2013


Introduction: ‘Entangled Pasts’ – Authors:  Nina Fischer And  Jacqueline Lo And  Kate Mitchell | Page Start: 3 ==> Crossings_Intro (PDF file)

Between exile and home – letters from Shanghai, 1939–1947 – Authors:  Susan Andrews | Page Start: 13

Searching for a lost place: European returns in Jewish Australian Second Generation memoirs – Authors:  Nina Fischer | Page Start: 31

Memory, migration and guilt – Authors:  Aleida Assmann And  Anja Schwarz | Page Start: 51

Returning memory to earth: Towards Asian-Aboriginal reconciliation – Authors:  Jacqueline Lo And  Mayu Kanamori | Page Start: 67

Remembering the Stasi: The Lives of Others as a foreign past – Authors:  Julie Thorpe | Page Start: 79

The migratory imagination: Anna Funder’s Stasiland as prosthetic memory – Authors:  Kate Mitchell | Page Start: 91