Emily Sun (Photo by Cathryn Jupp)
Emily Sun (Photo by Cathryn Jupp)

There is a current community awareness campaign focused on 36-year-old writer, mother, and teacher, Emily Sun, who is desperate for a matching stem-cell donor. Emily was a member of AASRN, and is a Chinese Australian living in Western Australia.

  • Emily Sun’s Facebook page: HERE
  • Emily Sun’s website: HERE


EXCERPT from Tseen Khoo’s Banana Lounge blogpost, “Asian seeking Asians – and underachieving” [26 Feb 2013]:

“It’s a notorious phenomenon in Asian Australian and Asian American communities: We don’t tend to register to donate blood, organs, or stem cells as much as other communities.

Particularly in the case of stem cells (bone marrow), this is a life or death situation.

The likelihood of a non-Asian donor matching with an Asian patient is much lower than that of an Asian donor and an Asian patient.

This is an instance where the grey areas of identity and belonging do not hold: for bone marrow donations, Asians need Asians.” ==> READ FULL POST