The International Academic Forum in conjunction with its global partners, including the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, is proud to announce the Third Asian Conference on Cultural Studies, to be held from May 24-26 2013, at the Ramada Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

Call for Papers Deadline extended to 1 April 2013 – “Intersecting Belongings: Cultural Conviviality and Cosmopolitan Futures”

Keynote Speakers:

  • Kiyoshi Abe: “A critique of Japan’s political-cultural nostalgia and its impasse: How can the LDP restore lost Japaneseness?”
  • Yujin Yaguchi: “Making Paradise: Cultural Dynamics of Tourism and Shifting Images of Hawai’i in Japan”
  • Baden Offord: “Through the Looking Glass: Home, the World and the Anthropocene”
  • Yasue Arimitsu: “Is Australia the Other for Japanese Writers?: Differences of Literary Perceptions of the Other between Australia and Japan”

Contemporary challenges and contexts of the local, regional, national and global raise urgent questions about cultural conviviality and cosmopolitan futures across the world. These are times when trans-cultural, trans-national and multicultural belonging are particularly being tested through environmental catastrophe, economic volatility, parochialism, fundamentalism, notions of cosmopolitan and multicultural exhaustion, and war.

A key challenge lies in the paradox of culture, in which belonging has become a fundamental question of preservation, atavism, tradition and survival as well as hybridity, transgression, possibility and transformation. The aim of this conference theme is to respond to this paradoxical challenge by opening up discussion, critical reflection and analysis about emerging social and cultural identities that are formed at the intersection of multiple and multi-sited belongings.

We welcome papers that focus on (but not limited to):

  • Seeking refuge
  • Unruly belonging(s)
  • Intersections of gender, race, religion, sexuality
  • Transforming cultures
  • Trans-cultural displacement/belonging
  • New imaginings/formations of home
  • Citizenship beyond borders
  • Communication, new technologies and belonging
  • Cultural narratives of belonging/not belonging
  • Cultural politics of survival/transgression
  • Cosmopolitan exhaustion/renewal
  • Belonging in the Anthropocene
  • Construction of identities
  • Multiple and complex belongings
  • Intersecting narratives and identity
  • Re-locating culture across borders

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